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A world leading bike box rental and sales expert who are proud to introduce the Velovault 2. Improving on the highly acclaimed Velovault bike box, the Velovault 2 has many improved features and benefits and is available to purchase by residents in the United States of America and Canada. 

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Central Carry Handle

Customer feedback from our original box was that people wanted an additional carrying handle, so we listened to you and have included this on the new design. It makes it possible to carry the box under your arm up and down stairs while holding a hand rail or another bag with your other hand, and also helps getting the box in and out of cars.

Self-locating Central Support pole

The extra support offered by a central pole design is critical to a box this size containing a precious cargo, especially when they are often stacked horizontally in air craft with other luggage on top.

Unfortunately, when airport security agencies open the box to inspect the contents, they don’t always bother with relocating poles in some boxes. We have designed a fixed pole which self-locates into a tapered cup in the opposite shell. 
It can be removed if required for travelling with a solid disk rear wheel.

Additional roof bar integration

In many cities round the World the compact car is becoming the norm, and it’s hard to fit even the smallest of bike boxes in such vehicles.

We are proud to be the first bikebox company in the world to design a box which can be universally mounted on roof bars with simple brackets which you can buy directly from us.
The system has been thoroughly tested.

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