Roof box testing

roof box testingTesting:

The system was tested to the below specification with index markings applied to bike box fitting system, to illustrate any movement. We also fitted 2x GoPro cameras to the vehicle, one forward facing and one rearward facing, in order to film any movements of the bike box during testing.

  • High Speed Circuit, at motorway speeds.
  • Mile Straight, incorporating full rate acceleration and braking to/from 60 mph. o Outer Handling Circuit, with
  • Moderate cornering loads.
  • Hill Route, with moderate cornering loads.
  • Random Waves, both in and out of phase.
  • Belgian PaveĢ.

roof box bracketsConclusions:

The vehicle was driven over each of the surfaces multiple times, totalling 4 hours of driving. After each individual test run, the index markings were visually checked. No movement occurred throughout the test period. The official report is available to view on request to

See our video here of the actual testing